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With a strong legacy, Trillium Mutual continues to exemplify the benefits of Mutuality.

At Trillium, we work hard to provide industry leading insurance solutions for all of your work and lifestyle needs. We are built on a long history of a concept called mutuality, which brings us closer to our members. What exactly is mutuality? Mutuality means that Trillium is a company focused on insurance solutions for people and not profits. We are rooted in the idea that through business we can give people peace of mind for life’s unexpected events.

Ultimately, we are accountable to our members and their communities in everything we do. We are in this together! We have been built on the values of the past and look forward to implementing them for the future.

Our vision: “To be the Leading Mutual Insurer Protecting and Enhancing Farm and Community Lifestyles”, is well represented by our team of professional individuals.

At Trillium we are real people offering real products with real service.

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from Ontario on 19th April 2017


CBaSE – University of Guelph
from Guelph, Ontario on 6th March 2017

Voted by our students as one of the top companies to work for this semester, Trillium has returned to CBaSE to continue the work that began during a project in the Winter 2016 semester. Trillium is excited to be back on campus, benefiting once again from the unique perspective University of Guelph students can bring to their company.

It’s no surprise that the University of Guelph and Trillium have shared values, and CBaSE applauds Trillium’s commitment to improving the communities they work in. In 2013 Trillium developed a philanthropic arm, entitled “ROOTS” (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Support). The program is designed to give back to the communities they serve. ROOTS is running well.  Since 2013 ROOTS has pledged over $500,000 to various community projects through this program.

CBaSE recognizes Trillium for their desire to innovate and push their market forward. Students will certainly enjoy Trillium’s appetite for creativity and experimentation this semester.

Trillium rises up to the CBaSE challenge for students to “get real”.

Trillium Mutual Stories

Let’s Make Insurance Simple!

July 12, 2017

How many pages does your insurance contract comprise? When you read it, do you understand it? Does your insurance company advertise a “plain language” policy that is not so plain? […]

Springtime and the Compact Tractor

June 8, 2017

Case has recently unveiled this beauty as a concept for the future, the future being really not that far away, 5 – 10 years? It is easy to see how […]

Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover my compact tractor?

June 6, 2017

Sub-compact/Compact/Utility/Estate Tractors are one of the most popular and fastest selling products in the Farm Equipment sales industry. Whatever label you put on them, they typically range in horsepower from […]

Trillium Mutual News

ROOTS Community Fund Seeking Applications

February 14, 2018

Trillium Mutual continues to provide meaningful assistance to various organizations in the communities which our policyholders live and serve. Our ROOTS Community Fund has been very active for the past […]

Trillium Named Finalist for Technology Award

November 14, 2016

Trillium Mutual has been named a finalist for the Insurance Business Keal Technology Award for Digital Innovation.  The Digital Innovation Award recognizes a company that has best harnessed technology to enhance the user […]

Farm Insurance Technology

July 11, 2016

Trillium’s use of the farm portal has helped to significantly grow its portfolio and gain prestigious award recognition alongside much larger providers! Trillium Mutual’s farm portfolio grew by more than 15% […]

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