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An outbreak of avian flu at an Ontario farm continues to be investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and highlights a need for a coverage often overlooked by farmers.

Over 14,000 ducks had to be euthanized after it was confirmed they had contracted H5N2 avian influenza on Jul 10. The St. Catharines-area farm remains under quarantine, along with poultry farms within a three-kilometer radium.  Mike Brine, Agribusiness Specialist at Trillium Mutual Insurance, said “it’s a loss of business that can be covered by the right insurance”.  “It seems to be a more active year this year than it has been in the past” he says when taking about the claim frequency.  “From our standpoint, the avian flu has been a really small part, but we’ve been seeing a few fires, more than what we’ve seen in previous years, [and then] there’s been wind and flood damage as well.”

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