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For many Canadian insurers, particularly for mutuals, it all started on the farm. Mutuals, and even insurers focused on other markets, count farm insurance as an important part of their businesses.

However, over the years, as the country urbanized, and as other insurance markets grew, farm insurance shrunk in numbers and in priority.  While farm numbers are down, farm and agribusiness production is at an all-time high. In many cases, new technology has been developed, and solutions are lower cost and more functionally rich than ever before. These solutions include upgrades to policy administration solutions to properly capture and manage the new types of farm assets, new liability coverage and the ability to handle agribusinesses.

To learn more about how Trillium is using technology to improve the products they create for their members and enhance their relationships with their broker partners check out the rest of this article written by our VP of Corporate Services, Tracy MacDonald here.

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