Our Community

Commitment to our Community

As a community based company for over 135 years, Trillium Mutual recognizes the need to support the communities that we serve. This support is provided by Trillium and its employees in a number of avenues, including volunteering in the community and financial contributions.

Volunteers are the lifeline of many community efforts. Trillium Mutual encourages all personnel to be generous in giving to the communities that we serve. Trillium Mutual grants each employee a paid “Volunteer Day” to enable them to contribute to an organization of their choice within their local communities. A number of Trillium employees are filling leadership roles in community organizations such as regional health care centre boards, service clubs, non-profit community groups and youth activity organizations.

Trillium Mutual takes pride in their long history of community support. We are committed to the sustainability of rural Ontario and we realize we have an opportunity to support programs that will foster the success of this responsibility. Acknowledging that many community groups rely on financial support through donations and fundraising, Trillium Mutual has established a community fund to support these initiatives.

For more information on our ROOTS Community Fund (Recognizing Our Opportunity To Serve) please see our ROOTS Community Fund page

Commitment to our Environment

Trillium Mutual Insurance recognizes the importance of everyone working together to provide a safe and healthy environment for future generations. We are proactive in our leadership and commitment to protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Trillium’s Current Initiatives:

For information on how you can do your part in preserving and protecting the environment, visit

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