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At Trillium Mutual we are proud of our strong legacy of community support over many years. We are committed to the sustainability of rural Ontario and we realize we have an opportunity to support programs that will foster the success of this responsibility.

The Trillium ROOTS Community Support Fund will ensure that we continue to provide meaningful assistance in the future. We have established a new and fresh approach that is designed to improve the levels of consistency of support over time and provide an independent and objective process to review all requests.

The Trillium ROOTS Council is a body within our Governance Model that will accept, review and recommend levels of support for applications received from the communities in which our policyholders live and serve.

The 2018 Trillium ROOTS Council: Back row (left to right): Margaret Jack – Council Chair, Robert Hargrave, Jackie Fraser, front row (left to right): Carrie Burden, Karen Galbraith, and Jen Isber-Legge.

Recognizing Our Opportunity To Support (ROOTS) would like to hear from you regarding capital projects and facility/equipment upgrades in your community.

Trillium ROOTS Community Fund focus areas include:

1. Healthcare
2. Recreation and Wellness
3. Emergency Response (Fire Fighters)
4. Agricultural
5. Eco/Sustainability/Other

Requests for funding are reviewed quarterly. We appreciate as much lead time as possible. The greater the advance notice we are given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application. The quality of your application and timing of the application is also very important. Only applications received prior to the published deadlines will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of council. All applicants will receive a timely response following Council review. Deadlines for application submissions for each Trillium ROOTS Council Meeting in the upcoming fiscal year are as follows:

2018 ROOTS Council Meeting Dates


Recognizing Our Opportunity To Support (ROOTS) would like to hear from you regarding capital projects and facility/equipment upgrades in your community.

Capital Project Definition

Capital projects for consideration will include the construction, expansion or major renovations of facilities as well as purchasing equipment to enhance the services provided.

Ineligible Categories – we are not able to support the following efforts:

Please consider your application as the Trillium ROOTS Community Fund will only support one event/initiative/program per organization per year.

Previous sponsorship support by Trillium Mutual Insurance may not guarantee approval of your application.

Please click here to submit the Trillium ROOTS Application Form.

All applicants will receive a timely response following committee review.

If you require more information with respect to Trillium ROOTS Community Support, please contact Paula Culbert at 1-800-265-3020 or email


Stratford General Hospital – Healthcare

When vision, impact, values and the drive to serve our community align and the feelings MUTUAL— that’s when the magic happens. The generous support through the Trillium Mutual Insurance Company’s ROOTS Community Fund helped empower our caregivers helping them to continue their fight to save lives, promote health and battle disease. Their support impacts the lives of over 10,000 patients and their families yearly…priceless. We salute their innovation, community involvement and leadership. They exemplify the true meaning of being a Mutual…giving back to help those in the local communities we both serve.

In the legendary words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Give us your faith and your blessing…we shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire… Give us the tools and we will finish the job.” We thank the ROOTS Community Fund for giving our caregivers the “tools” to do their job.

Andrea Page, Executive Director of Stratford General Hospital

Pelham Community Centre – Recreation & Wellness

For over 10 years, residents of the Pelham community have been lobbying for the construction of a new community complex. One that can encompass all the needs of a diverse demographic that is in the heart of the Niagara Region and a complex that can bring the community together in all forms. In early 2016, the Town Council of Pelham voted in favor of constructing a new community complex that everyone would be proud of. As a long standing local business with ties to the hockey community, Duliban Insurance immediately pledged our support and looked to a trusted partner – Trillium Mutual Insurance Company. The ROOTS Community Fund was pleased to donate $25,000.00 towards the construction of the Duliban Insurance Arena. We couldn’t have been more pleased and proud of this decision and their willingness to assist. We thank Trillium Mutual Insurance and the ROOTS Community Fund for their support.

Adam Duliban, Duliban Insurance Brokers 

Walkerton Firefighters Association – Emergency Response

The Walkerton Firefighters Association has been the recipient of two grants from the ROOTS Community Fund. This support has enabled us to purchase rescue equipment to provide enhanced emergency response capability to the citizens of the Municipality of Brockton and beyond our municipal boundaries at no cost to the tax payer. Your company’s ongoing support of emergency services providers through  the ROOTS Community Fund is truly appreciated, and without it our Rescue UTV and slope rescue equipment purchases may have never come to fruition. Trillium is truly a community minded  organization and we are thankful for the support.

Mike Loos, Walkerton Firefighters Association Secretary 

Maitland Valley Conservation Area – Eco/Sustainability/Other

In 2016, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) applied to the ROOTS Community Fund through their environment stream to fund local stewardship projects in the headwaters of the Middle Maitland River, located northeast of the town of Listowel. The purpose of the Middle Maitland Headwaters Restoration Project is ecological restoration through stream buffer plantings, block plantings, floodplain and river valley land retirement and education. All restoration work will aid in the re-establishment of a healthy landscape that will withstand the growing effects of climate change (intense rain, flooding). Through the ROOTS Community Fund, MVCA was able to secure $5,000.00 to go towards this valuable work. The MVCA applauds our community partners with their support in helping move forward this type of large scale restoration that will benefit all within the Listowel area.

Erin Dolmage, Community Education Technician

Local Community Food Centre – Agricultural

The Trillium ROOTS Community Fund provided our charity with funding to support our urban agriculture programs. Our organization is committed to empowering people who are experiencing or vulnerable to food insecurity with innovative opportunities to overcome their barriers to accessing good, healthy, local food. By offering community members the opportunity to grow food with us in our community gardens and greenhouse, we are able to increase their access to good food in a dignified way while also promoting mental health; cooperation and connectedness among community members; skill development; and free recreational activities for adults, seniors, and children. The funding we received has enabled us to finance equipment upgrades to enhance and expand our greenhouse cultivation, which allowed us to provide gardening programming year-round. It has also enabled support of an exciting new urban agriculture program we are currently undertaking: the construction of a community garden that will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. This new garden will allow us to greatly increase the productivity of our community garden programs as well as bring awareness to the important agricultural heritage of Canada and Ontario. We greatly value the support Trillium Mutual Insurance Company provides to our efforts to promote food security through innovative urban  agriculture programs.

Steve Stacey, Director of Fundraising and Communications

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