At Trillium Mutual we are proud of our strong legacy of community support over many years. We are committed to the sustainability of rural Ontario and we realize we have an opportunity to support programs that will foster the success of this responsibility.

The Trillium ROOTS Community Support Fund will ensure that we continue to provide meaningful assistance in the future. We have established a new and fresh approach that is designed to improve the levels of consistency of support over time and provide an independent and objective process to review all requests.

The Trillium ROOTS Council is a body within our Governance Model that will accept, review and recommend levels of support for applications received from the communities in which our policyholders live and serve.

Mental Health Resources

Trillium ROOTS Community Fund focus areas include


Recreation and Wellness

Emergency Response (Fire Fighters)


Mental Wellness/Community Response

2020 ROOTS Council meeting dates

Requests for funding are reviewed quarterly. We appreciate as much lead time as possible. The greater the advance notice we are given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application. The quality of your application and timing of the application is also very important. Only applications received prior to the published deadlines will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of council. All applicants will receive a timely response following Council review.


Quarter 1 - March 31, 2020

(deadline for applications is March 17, 2020)

Quarter 2 - June 8, 2020

(deadline for applications is May 25, 2020)

Quarter 3 – September 15, 2020

(deadline for applications is September 5, 2020)

Quarter 4 – December 8, 2020

(deadline for applications is November 24, 2020)


Recognizing Our Opportunity To Support (ROOTS) would like to hear from you regarding capital projects and facility/equipment upgrades in your community.

Capital Project Definition

Capital projects for consideration will include the construction, expansion or major renovations of facilities as well as purchasing equipment to enhance the services provided.

Exception to Capital Projects

Mental Wellness/Community Response is a new category that allows for funding of single-time projects/programs geared towards non-capital projects/programs that do not receive government funding.

Ineligible Categories – we are not able to support the following efforts:

  • Administrative or operating cost support
  • Professional and fundraising fees
  • Completed projects
  • Conference, symposium or workshop registration or travel
  • Endowment, scholarship funds
  • For-profit organizations
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Individuals
  • Initiatives outside of Canada
  • Organizations that discriminate in any way against any race,
    gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Political parties, ridings, associations and candidates
  • Private clubs, private foundations and schools
  • Religious or sectarian programs or purposes, unless they are
    engaged in a capital project benefiting the community
  • Sports activities such as golf tournaments, runs, races (but not
    limited to)
  • Statues, monuments, signage, art work or beautification projects
  • Third party fundraising initiatives
  • Trips or tours including subsidized travel, accommodation, or any
    other expenses
  • Private or commercial vehicle purchases and/or leases

Send in your application today

Please consider your application as the Trillium ROOTS Community Fund will only support one event/initiative/program per organization every two years.

Previous sponsorship support by Trillium Mutual Insurance may not guarantee approval of your application.

If you require more information with respect to Trillium ROOTS Community Support, please contact Paula Culbert at 1-800-265-3020 or email

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What people have to say about us

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Thank you Trillium Mutual

The funding we received through the Trillium ROOTS Community Fund is supporting the Grand River Conservation Foundation and the Grand River Conservation Authority to make improvements to the Laurel Creek Nature Centre’s Discovery Room.

We will be creating a learning environment that ensures students are met with displays that spark a sense of wonder and delight while connecting them to their local watershed. Approximately 15,000 students per year use the Laurel Creek Nature Centre and will directly benefit from the support given.

Thank you Trillium Mutual!

Sarah Fleischhauer - Stewardship Project Lead

Kingsbridge Centre

The Kingsbridge Centre Basement Renovation project was a massive project which took over four years to complete.  The ROOTS Community Fund multi-year commitment did more than just supply much needed funds.  The donation encouraged and inspired the St. Joseph’s Kingsbridge Community in their efforts to supply a multi-use community facility.

We truly believe that with friends, neighbours and businesses working together, we can preserve our rural way of life and revitalize rural Ontario.  Kingsbridge considers Trillium Mutual Insurance Company to be a leader and an outstanding example for other organizations to follow

Jennifer Miltenburg - Corporate Donations Co-Ordinator

Groves Memorial Community Hospital

Groves Hospital Foundation received a generous donation from the Trillium ROOTS Community Fund, in support of the New Groves Hospital Project.  We were responsible for raising 10% of the costs of the physical buildings for the new facility, and donations are imperative to the success of the project.

It is philanthropic acts like this that make us so proud to be a part of this great rural community.  Without the support of our generous donors, none of what we do would be possible.

Lori Arsenault - Executive Director

Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village

The ROOTS Community Fund was generous in supporting our fundraising efforts and helped us to reach our goal of building a new chalet.  This new building, which opened the winter of 2019, will allow us to continue to offer the opportunity to children and their families to participate in the winter sports of skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

Lorna Desmarais - Vice President of Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village

CBaSE - University of Guelph

Voted by our students as one of the top companies to work for this semester, Trillium has returned to CBaSE to continue the work that began during a project in the Winter 2016 semester. Trillium is excited to be back on campus, benefiting once again from the unique perspective University of Guelph students can bring to their company.

It’s no surprise that the University of Guelph and Trillium have shared values, and CBaSE applauds Trillium’s commitment to improving the communities they work in. In 2013 Trillium developed a philanthropic arm, entitled “ROOTS” (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Support). The program is designed to give back to the communities they serve. ROOTS is running well.  Since 2013 ROOTS has pledged over $500,000 to various community projects through this program.

CBaSE recognizes Trillium for their desire to innovate and push their market forward. Students will certainly enjoy Trillium’s appetite for creativity and experimentation this semester.

Trillium rises up to the CBaSE challenge for students to “get real”.

Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario

CMHA, Ontario

Trillium Mutual is proud to announce a $50,000 donation through our ROOTS Community Fund to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario (CMHA) to support the roll out of the “In the Know” program. This program developed through the Ontario Veterinary College focuses on directly improving mental health literacy in agriculture.  “Trillium’s generous contribution was the catalyst that forged this great opportunity for us to support the agriculture community with mental health awareness and suicide prevention training”.

You can read the full press release here or check out Camille’s video testimonial here.

Camille Quenneville - CEO, CMHA Ontario