Commitment to Our Environment

Trillium Mutual recognizes the importance of working together to provide a safe and healthy community for our shared future. We are proactive in our leadership and commitment to sustainability in every action we take.

Trillium’s Current Initiatives:

For information on how you can do your part in preserving and protecting the environment, visit

Our Office Building is a “LEED” (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited facility.

Progressing towards an internal paperless workflow

Leading edge solutions in remediating environmental claims

Facilitating the education of policyholders to prevent environmental losses

Sustainability built into each of our products

Participating in annual road side clean up through the “Adopt-A-Highway” initiative

Recycling initiatives are in place for staff, including battery recycling

Offer many unique products with an environmental focus

Initiating a Hybrid Remote Work policy reducing fossil fuel use as it pertains to staff commutes

Two EV Charging Stations provided to staff and visitors free of charge