Sustainability Commitment | Trillium Mutual Insurance

Trillium Mutual Insurance recognizes the importance of everyone working together to provide a safe and healthy environment for future generations. We are proactive in our leadership and commitment to protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Trillium’s Current Initiatives:

  • Our Office Building is a “LEED” accredited facility. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Progressing towards an internal paperless workflow
  • Enhancing leading edge solutions in remediating environmental claims
  • Facilitating the education of policyholders to prevent environmental losses
  • Protection for the environment is recognized in our insurance products
  • Participating in annual road side clean up through the “Adopt-A-Highway” initiative
  • Recycling initiatives are in place for staff, including battery recycling
  • Offering 6 unique insurance products with an environmental focus
    • Extended coverage for preparing and filing a nutrient management plan in the event of a total loss
    • On-Premise and Off-Premise extensions for the clean up of pollutants for agri-business packages
    • Enriched caging costs for Poultry
    • Livestock Husbandry Standards upgrade extensions
    • Green coverage/environmental upgrade extension
    • On-Premise pollutant clean up coverage for commercial packages
  • Initiating a Hybrid Remote Work policy reducing fossil fuel use as it pertains to staff commutes
  • Two EV Charging Stations provided to staff and visitors free of charge

For information on how you can do your part in preserving and protecting the environment, visit