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Trillium Mutual was established on January 1, 2004 as a result of an amalgamation between Formosa Mutual Insurance Company and Elma Mutual Insurance Company. The dynamic of this evolution is an organization that recognizes the value of a balance between the past, present, and future.

Our Board of Directors and all of our staff are dedicated  to sound corporate governance and being leaders in our industry. We are dedicated to our members while supporting the organization wide commitment to mutuality.  At Trillium Mutual Insurance we develop insurance solutions for people, not profits.

Mutual insurance companies thrive on their members and the concept of togetherness. It is that ‘sharing’ ideal that sets the mutuals apart from the rest of the insurance industry. We are rooted in the idea that through business we can give people peace of mind for life’s unexpected events.

At Trillium, our mutual structure aligns our organization’s and members’ interests. One of the ways Trillium does this is through our ROOTS (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Support) Community Fund.  This program provides assistance and support to a variety of different community programs that look to sustain and develop rural Ontario.

Ultimately, we are accountable to our members and their communities in everything we do. We are in this together! We are built on the values of the past and look forward to implementing them for the future.

Our vision: “To be the Leading Mutual Insurer Protecting and Enhancing Farm and Community Lifestyles”, is well represented by our entire team.


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