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Farm insurance can make a seriously profitable book with long-term, repeat customers – but the price of loyalty in this competitive market is quality service. Hubio’s Farm Builder portal has been developed to provide insurers with the tools to quote and bind agribusiness with new levels of speed, ease and accuracy.

Trillium Mutual can attest to the benefits – this Canadian insurer has seen its farm portfolio grow by more than 15% last year alone since it gained the ability to record data and generate quotes quickly and remotely. The implementation of the solution, on time and within budget, also resulted in recognition at the Insurance Canada Technology Awards.

Our underwriters now start farm transactions in the portal, as it is easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, and stores a complete record of the farm accounts.” – Angela Smith – Agri-Business Underwriter – Trillium Mutual.

The portal has also been a huge benefit to Trillium’s broker/agent partners as it allows them to save time in the quoting process, alleviates pressure on their underwriters and most importantly, delivers new business to their clients at an accelerated rate.

Please click HERE to learn more about the portal technology and to view a great testimonial video!

**UPDATE March 14th, 2016**

Trillium Mutual is proud to share that the technology they have recently deployed to their broker partners has been recognized at the Insurance Canada Technology Awards. Trillium Mutual was named the 2nd Runner Up at the Awards Banquet at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto on Monday February 29, 2016.

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