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Business insurance to protect all of Ontario's business owners

Trillium Mutual Insurance has built its roots in Ontario through the joining of Formosa and Elma Mutual Insurance on January 1st, 2004.  For over 135 years this has given us a unique view into what Ontario’s business owners needs are. This allows us to create business insurance solutions that are tailored to each and every business across Ontario.

As a business owner you have invested time, money and effort into building your business.  We create each policy so that you are only paying for what you need. Therefore providing you with the right coverage for when it matters most.

Our broker partners work with us to ensure that your business has a custom policy that provides comprehensive coverage you can count on!

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Solutions to match your business operations

We cover a variety of businesses across Ontario, such as commercial activities extending from farm operations. Our members trust us to protect their insurance needs because we understand how to protect them! As a business owner you take on a lot of risk, let us share that risk with you today.

We Have Business Insurance Coverage For:

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