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Program Background

As part of our commitment to protecting rural Ontario we are very proud to continue our partnership with PrevTech Innovations.  PrevTech, based out of Quebec, has developed an innovative product that monitors the electrical network in order to reduce the risk of barn fires and business interruptions, by identifying smaller issues before they become much larger, more costly ones.

Almost every single farmer can tell you about someone they know or an experience they have had with a barn fire. As one of the leading causes of losses to agricultural operations, fires continue to cause millions of dollars in damages across Ontario every year!

Think about these and how they would affect your operation.

As a farmer what if you knew:

  • Ahead of time that a pump, fan or motor was going to fail or breakdown?
  • That an electrical panel was overheating?
  • The moment the power was out in a specific building?
  • All of this information in your pocket?


How It Works

PrevTech units are simple to install, non-invasive and monitor the overall health of a farms’ electrical systems.  Smart sensors within the units can detect electrical faults and temperature changes which then trigger a notification alerting of a problem.  All of the notifications and data are stored in a secure dashboard, easily accessible to you, the farmer.

PrevTech is the only one to provide support in identifying the source of the notification.  Their team of experts guides you and your electrician to the appropriate corrective action ensuring you are protected before, during and after an issue is detected.  As a farmer, you know every corner of your operation.  The PrevTech systems are meant to support you and provide additional information and guidance to keep you up and running!

*The PrevTech units are CSA, Canadian Standards Association, certified which means they have been independently tested and certified to meet recognized standards for safety and performance.*

Trillium Mutual’s PrevTech Prevention Program

Trillium Mutual Insurance will provide the hardware (retail cost $2400 plus H.S.T.) to interested Agri-business Members FREE OF COST.  The Member will be responsible for the monthly PrevTech surveillance service fee, which of course is reduced by the retail cost of the unit provided by Trillium.

Trillium Members that participate in this program will have their base insurance rate stabilized including the protected farm structure(s), any fixed equipment, as well as produce and livestock housed therein.

For three succeeding policy terms, following installation and certification, the base premium will not go up.  The insurance premium may rise due to:PrevTech Unit

  • Annual inflation increasing the insured values;
  • Policy changes that increase the insured values;
  • Removal or loss of any prior discounts;
  • Changes in deductible amounts
  • The Rate Stabilization Feature can not be provided on Subscription and Facultative accounts

The rate stabilization will begin with the closest renewal premium following installation and certification of the monitoring system, and will be in effect for three succeeding terms.

This offer is available to ALL Trillium Members, new and current.

PrevTech Benefits

  • Instant Notifications (SMS and/or email) to Yourself & Your Electrician
  • Electrical & Thermal Detection
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Reduces Operational Downtime
  • Maintain a Healthy Electrical System
  • Peace of Mind Protection
  • Service and Support by an Expert Team to Identify the Problem and the Required Preventative Measures


What It Protects Against

The units utilize smart sensors connected to the main electrical panel to provide 24/7 monitoring against a variety of anomalies including:

  • Defective fans
  • Faulty Ballast
  • Overheating electrical panels
  • Moisture in the junction box
  • Damaged motors and pumps
  • Much more!


How Do I Get a PrevTech Unit to Protect my Farm?

PrevTech units are currently available by contacting your Trillium Mutual Insurance Broker.