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Protection for the risks you can't see

We recognize that technology plays an important role in the running of many businesses across Ontario. As businesses, such as farm operations, rely more on computers and technology these attacks will become more frequent. Therefore, the proper Cyber Insurance coverage is necessary to protect your business and livelihood should you fall victim to one of these attacks.


CyberOne® Coverage

A cyber attack such as a virus or hacking can cause a great deal of damage to computer systems and their data. This can have a huge impact on a business’s ability to continue their day to day operations.

A business insurance policy with our CyberOne protection will help you recover expenses and provide liability coverage in case of a security breach.

Coverage Includes:

  • Data Recovery Costs (including recreating & replacing the lost, stolen or corrupt data)
  • Loss of Income (and additional expenses incurred)
  • Cost of Restoring Computer Hardware
  • External Public Relations Costs

Data compromise coverage

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In today’s technology driven world most businesses have data that can be stolen, hacked or lost.

Our Data Compromise coverage has been created to cover your business from the burden that comes with a data breach. Having the proper protection for your business can help you respond to concerned customers while resolving the issue quickly. We aim to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible!

Coverage Includes:

  • Hiring of an external IT company (to help determine the extent & nature of the breach)
  • Reimbursement of costs associated with notifying affected parties
  • Coverage to obtain professional legal counsel
  • External Public Relations Costs
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The time to consider this coverage is before an attack not after.

Talk to one of our brokers today for more information on how you can protect your business from a cyber attack or breach.

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