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The concept of mutuality has always been at the heart of the mutual insurance industry. Mutual insurance companies thrive on their members and the concept of togetherness. It is that ‘sharing’ ideal that sets the mutuals apart from the rest of the insurance industry.

At Trillium Mutual, our mutual structure aligns our company interests with our members interests. We recently re-vamped our Values Statement and at the top of the list; Our Valued Members: We exist for the sole benefit of our members. With that in mind, mutual insurers are able to offer superior services to their members, which touches on another one of our values; Exceptional Customer Service: We strive for every customer experience to be excellent.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” (Winston Churchill). Trillium Mutual is extremely supportive of the communities we serve through our ROOTS (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Support) Community Fund as well as our Volunteer Day program.

We are guided by a Board of Directors who are members of Trillium Mutual and are also active leaders in the communities they live in. Our Vision Statement “To be the leading mutual insurer protecting and enhancing farm and community lifestyles” exhibits that leadership as well as the niche farm and commercial products we offer.

Mutuality Statement

Mutuality is genuine consideration and compassion for all parties concerned; built upon a culture that is conducive to shared objectives and interdependent workings.  It brings about balanced relationships built on co-operation and common respect.  When barriers or complications arise the goal is to find a common ground for all involved.

At Trillium Mutual Insurance Company

We are:

  • Built on more than a century of the Mutual business model.
  • Owned and directed by our members (policyholders).
  • Committed to and believe in the principles and long term sustainability of Mutuality*.
  • Trusted with the financial stewardship and obligations instilled by our members since 1880.

We know;

  • Farm and community lifestyles.
  • We are accountable to our members and their communities in everything we do. We are in this together.
  • Our members and business partners have high expectations.

We do;

  • Invest in the local communities where we do business.
  • Invest in the training and education of our employees and members.
  • Have the ability and autonomy to make decisions quickly, flexibly and locally to the benefit of our members.
  • Manage the business for the long term protection of our members and not simply for short term profit or shareholder returns.

We strive;

  • To be the leader in providing complete insurance solutions to our members to meet their unique needs
  • To leverage our associations with the Mutual Insurance Industry for product development/education/financial stability/collective knowledge
  • To treat our members and business partners with professionalism and understanding
  • To exceed the high and evolving service expectations of our members and business partners

Contact your local broker or agent to find out more about how the ‘MUTUAL’ experience is one of trust, sharing, and caring!

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